Business Broker

What is a business broker ?

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A service provider that works similarly to a real estate agent.  Assisting a business owner in finding buyers and facilitating the sale.

Why use a Business Broker ?


Keep the sale a secret. Market the business to potential buyers. Compile inventory and business assets. Negotiation liaison between Seller and Buyer. Free’s up time for the owner and eliminate some stress in the process. If you own a business, you probably want to plan for the future, that includes an exit strategy.  But with so many other pressing concerns, who has the time?  We do!!!

At Imagine Realty International we understand the unique challenges that business owners face, from managing day-to-day operations to sales, marketing and beyond. We help local business owners with advice and expertise based on real-world experience. As an independent business owner you may assume that professional Business Broker consulting is a luxury only large companies can afford. Imagine Realty International offers FREE Business Broker consultation  services.  

Our consultants have the training to grasp complex business issues – and the experience to know which ones really matter. When selling your business why not let an informed, independent partner help clarify your most critical issues and objectives?

For more information call 832-444-2363 to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

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