Relocation Program

Hi, I’m Vickey Wachtel Broker/Owner of Imagine Realty International and I personally know the mixed feelings that go into relocation.  My husband is in the Oil Field and we have been moved from Oklahoma to Houston to Indonesia to Pakistan to Dubai and back to Houston.  Believe me I do understand.  So for that reason we will take the time to make sure your employee is well taken care of.  This is an exciting time filled with stress and wonder, emotions run wild.  Know that we are more than Realtors finding a house for your employee we are new friends introducing them to Houston and all it has to offer.



  • Transportation –  Airport or Hotel pickup
  • Buying Assistance –  Experienced Realtor to work with your families in the home buying process
  • New Home Buying Assistance –  Inventory homes or Ground up build
  • Rental –  Apartment or Single Family
  • Temporary housing –  If needed fully furnished temporary housing is available
  • Financing –   List of referral Mortgage Bankers to choose from
  • Area Tour –  Get to know the area from someone who knows it


When you consider all the time, effort and money that goes into a corporate relocation, it only makes sense to make each one as successful as it can be. The right home, the right neighborhood or community, that’s what makes a family/or single person feel at home. Whatever the need, IMAGINE REALTY INTERNATIONAL helps your transferees through the process.

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