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Roxane worked for more than 20 years in Corporate America as a Human Resources leader. With the hysterical stories she has to share about the different types of people she’s encountered over the course of her career, it’s no wonder why her clients love her. She has a keen eye for detail, a collaborative style that’s second to none and a passion for real estate that shines through in all that she does. Her energy and personality are palpable. She has been in real estate for over 15 years. She started in real estate investments and has now expanded into her being the “go to” person for friends and family who want her insight about a property they’re buying, selling or leasing.

Roxane relocated to Houston four years ago after living in the North Dallas area for 17 years. She is an avid football (New Orleans Saints) and basketball (Dallas Mavericks) fan who lives for football and basketball season! She enjoys staying fit through weight training and exercise classes, and she volunteers for numerous charities in the community, along with her two active sons.  Additionally, she is an alumnus of Southern University and a member of the Mu Kappa Omega Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter.

If you are in the market for selling, buying or leasing a home, call Roxane today to help you with all your real estate needs.

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