Why to Use a Realtor

Why hire a licensed professional?                                         
I know everyone wants to save a little money and I get that but sometimes you will spend more in the long run than if you just bit the bullet and paid for the Professional first. One reason to hire a licensed Professional is that the person has paid good money to get that license, through classes, training and fees. There is a better than average chance that they are going to do what is expected of them because they do not want to lose that License. But if the work is not acceptable you have recourse, file a complaint with the licensing board. If you hired someone who is not licensed who are you going to complain to other than your next door neighbor. The real estate market in the Houston area has changed and some home owners think now is the time to list their house themselves FSBO after all how hard can it be with more buyers than listings, it’s a seller’s market so no point paying for a professional.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth now is the time you need a professional to guide you through the process of multiple offers or dealing with buyers who haven’t gotten the word yet about the market change.  It’s a proven fact that Realtors are able to get more per sq. ft. for a house than a FSBO on average.  One of the reasons is because the buyer will deduct as high as 6-7% from the asking price just because there are no agents involved.  If the seller isn’t fully aware of what the value is for the house as in our area the value has gone up as much as $10 a sq. ft. in the past 3 months then the seller may price the house too low from the start.  Then there are the negotiations, have you ever tried talking someone down or up face to face? It can be extremely daunting, that’s when having a middle person comes in very handy.  Realtors are some of the few sales people left that truly need and have negotiating skills. Then there is the fact that you are opening your home to a total stranger who you have no idea can or will buy your home. Like putting a sign out front come check us out and see if there is something you would like to come back and get when we aren’t at home.  Why, just to save a little money, would you put yourself danger? It’s not always true that you get what you pay for but do you want to take that chance?      –Vickey Wachtel                   

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